Be a Helper, Not a Hinderer

Just throwing this out there...

Would a reasonable, good person who has solid, reputable, life experience and/or research-backed knowledge to help others in various circumstances or subjects do better to hoard that knowledge or try to use it to help others in similar situations?

For example, if you're in a traffic jam or a snow storm and know others who might be traveling the same way, would you at least try let them know?

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Be A Helper, Not A Hinderer

Or, if you got food poisoning at a restaurant and someone said they were going there for lunch, would you keep that to yourself?

If you're a researcher and stumbled upon the cure to cancer, would you lock your door and bury the evidence, or would you do everything in your power to engage others, collaborate with other "best experts" in the field, build up evidence, prove your discovery and disseminate it to the world?

What if you've spent years going through health and life challenges and found some answers to help you feel better both mentally and physically and have subsequently spent months doing research on the very things that plagued you, to the point where it essentially became your full-time job and you were a subject matter expert?

Would you keep silent in your "castle" and hoard all the good news for yourself, or would you feel an obligation to impart that information to help others? Heck, not only dole out free information from time to time, but even form public pages, groups and websites to get the word out, or even make it a career so that others can truly benefit?

I hope more people than not choose help, rather than hinder.

I know as someone whose life mission in all circumstances is to be a "helper" and a "people pleaser" and I see others that have pure motives to help others get bashed, it makes me sad. Sure, please challenge us helpers. Make us prove our reputability. But, please appreciate that it can be very risky for us to put ourselves out there.

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