Fibromyalgia Remission Story, Dan from Pennsylvania

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than connecting with people who are winning the battle over Fibromyalgia. Here at But You Look So Healthy, we look for those people, so you can discern and learn from them so you can get better too!

Today we talk to Dan from Pennsylvania about his Fibromyalgia journey and how he stays healthy after living in pain for years.

BYLSH: How long have you had Fibromyalgia?

DAN: I’m not sure exactly when it happened but I started exhibiting symptoms about 6 years ago which progressively became worse and worse until my entire body became stiff.

BYLSH: What were your first symptoms?

Dan: Originally it started out as intense ‘head fog’. What I later found out was this was from my lymphatic system not working.

BYLSH: What do you think triggered your fibromyalgia?

DAN: I started juicing spinach and beets as a way to combat the head fog. What I didn’t know is that both of those were loaded with oxalic acid.

BYLSH: How long did it take for you to get diagnosed?

DAN: About a year. Both my MD and a few chiropractors diagnosed me.

BYLSH: What kind of doctor diagnosed you?

DAN: Family

BYLSH: What was your rock bottom, when you decided you needed to change in order to heal?

DAN: My fiancé at the time was pregnant with my second son and I knew I needed to figure out how to heal myself.

BYLSH: What changes did you make in your life to feel better?

DAN: Initially I started just breaking up the muscles with foam rolling, acupuncture, lacrosse balls, intense stretching, etc.. But I realized I was taking 1 step forward and ½ step backwards. I was breaking things up and getting some relief but the pain would set right back in.

BYLSH: Looking back in time is there anything you would have done not to get fibro?

DAN: I would have cleared my lymphatic system out first and not juiced the toxic vegetables.

BYLSH: What do you want other people with Fibro to know to do in order to go into remission?

DAN: For what my type of fibro was there is no remission. You either get rid of it or you live with it.

BYLSH: For you, what is the number one thing to stay in remission, AKA, your secret sauce or holy grail? It’s the number one thing to stay in remission?

DAN: You don’t have to go into remission. You can completely clear up your fibro but its intense and most people will not go through what I have gone through to do it.

I got lucky and came across the right nutrients that naturally clear the muscles of the hardened collagen that was turning my muscles (basically) into bone.

Dan has also found relief using red light therapy. These are some that he recommends lavidalight.co.

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