Fibromyalgia Remission Story, Vanessa from Ohio

There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than connecting with people who are winning the battle over Fibromyalgia. Here at But You Look So Healthy, we look for those people, so you can discern and learn from them so you can get better too!

This month's story is even more exciting for me because she is a member of my Facebook group Fibromyalgia Remission Victors. In my group I do challenges, lives, offer coaching and classes so Fibromyalgia peeps can learn how to feel better.

Today we talk to Vanessa from Ohio about his Fibromyalgia journey and how she stays healthy after living in pain for years.

BYLSH: How long have you had Fibromyalgia?

VANESSA: I have had Fibromyalgia 25 yrs.

BYLSH: What were your first symptoms?

VANESSA: I started noticing pain in my upper back and over the years different areas of my body.

BYLSH: What do you think triggered your fibromyalgia?

VANESSA: I truly think that the death of my father was the beginning of my Fibromyalgia. The stress led to unwanted weight gain and unhealthy eating.

BYLSH: How long did it take for you to get diagnosed?

VANESSA: After numerous trips to the doctors office and the ER, I was being told I pulled a muscle. I finally told my PCP that the pain along with joint pain was not going away. So it had been 24 years of not being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

BYLSH: What kind of doctor diagnosed you?

VANESSA: I went to Arthritis Center were the doctor specialized in Fibromyalgia. Yes, I was still skeptical and that another doctor was going to tell me nothing was wrong with me.

BYLSH: What was your rock bottom, when you decided you needed to change in order to heal?

VANESSA: I couldn’t do the things with my grand kids that I wanted to do. I had no energy to even sit outside while they played. Sleep became my best friend and thought how much more can I take and how I thought my life would be better off if I laid 6 feet under in my last resting place. I had terrible depression and prayed to God to help me find a solution.

BYLSH: What changes did you make in your life to feel better?

VANESSA: When I came across the Fibromyalgia group in Ohio and Joanna had another group I decided to follow and saw her success and new she was doing something right and now it was my turn to do something for me and Knew that I had to work on it as she did.

BYLSH: Looking back in time is there anything you would have done not to get fibro?

VANESSA: I wish I knew how to deal with the stressors better and clean healthy eating.

BYLSH: What do you want other people with Fibro to know to do in order to go into remission?

VANESSA: If you want to go into remission like I did you should listen to what Joanna has to tell you. She has done her research and passing that on to others who have Fibromyalgia is a gift. A pill is not the answer, YOU need to accept that you need to change your way of eating.

BYLSH: For you, what is the number one thing to stay in remission, AKA, your secret sauce or holy grail? It’s the number one thing to stay in remission?

VANESSA: The number one thing to stay in remission is to keep following the sugar free diet and eat healthy foods and avoid those processed foods. I promise you, you are not going to starve.

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Fibromyalgia Remission

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