FibromyalgiaClasses.com (I Wish I Had This to Feel Better From Fibromyalgia)

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Well folks, FibromyalgiaClasses.com is here!! FibromyalgiaClasses.com is what I wished I would have had to learn how to feel better from Fibromyalgia and to go into remission when I was sick, bedridden, practically crippled and contemplating suicide. No really. I was literally trying to figure out how I could die that wouldn't be too messy for my family to have to clean up. I couldn't stand the pain anymore!!

I have designed and am teaching you the exact things I had to learn on my own to go into remission. It's patient tested and health coach approved.

I had looked everywhere on the internet for classes about Fibro and I couldn't find anything. Surely, someone else had to have gotten better. They did! I've found several people who have had dramatically reduced symptoms or a complete elimination of symptoms. I also found, they did it the same way that I did.

Not only does FibromyalgiaClasses.com teach you how, it also teaches you the science of why. I feel like if you know the who, what, when, where, why of it all, it helps it to makes sense and stick. After all, you want remission to be forever.

Each month is a new lesson is released. This give you a chance to really learn and practice what you've been taught. The first month of FibromyalgiaClasses.com is all about quitting sugar for life. Why? Sugar is the most responsible for brain fog, exhaustion and then pain, in that order. Sugar is like crack cocaine. It's an addictive drug that has a multitude of nasty side effects.

Each month you also get a stretching routine, a Pilates routine and two meditations. The meditations are designed for Fibromyalgia in their intention and length. It can be difficult to find the time to meditate or the ability to stay still long enough. FibromyalgiaClasses.com meditations are perfect in length, especially for a newbie meditator.

The Shop at FibromyalgiaClasses.com also has eBooks, DIY programs, meditations, coaching and more. Everything is designed to teach you what works for you, so you can go into remission. Knowledge is power. But You Look So Healthy wants you to know that you have the power to go into Fibromyalgia remission!

Another great benefit of FibromyalgiaClasses.com is members receive an automatic 20% off of all items in the Shop.

Stop languishing in pain an misery and go out there in the world and go have some fun!!!

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