Free Consultation health coach fibromyalgia

45-Minute Free Zoom Fibromyalgia Health Consultation

 Tell me about your Fibromyalgia, your goals, and your needs and I tell you how I might be able to help.

Reiki Meditation Reiki Practitioner Fibromyalgia

45-Minute Distance Kundalini Reiki/Meditation for Fibromyalgia

 Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Distance healing is as effective as hands on healing.

Support chronic pain health nutrition coach fibromyalgia chronic fatigue

4 Weeks of E-Mail Support for


7-day-a-week e-mail support to help support your Fibromyalgia questions.

Show me your labels Fibromyalgia Diet

Fibromyalgia: Show Me Your Labels

 I virtually raid your kitchen for Fibromyalgia flare faux pas and triggers.

Stretching Pilates Fibromyalgia

45-Minute Stretching/Pilates Session for Fibromyalgia

You will be taken you through a Stretching/Pilates workout for Fibromyalgia patients. Each session will be tailored to your personal Fibromyalgia needs.

 Daily Zoom Calls Fibromyalgia chronic pain health coach fatigue

4 Weeks of 15-Minute Daily Weekday Zoom Calls for Fibromyalgia

5-day-a week Zoom support to help support your Fibromyalgia questions.

Virtual Grocery Shopping Fibromyalgia

Take Me Virtual Grocery Shopping for Fibromyalgia

 I virtually escort you through the grocery store to help you choose items that are least likely to trigger Fibromyalgia.

Unsupportive Family Member Fibromyalgia

Unsupportive Family Member Session

for Fibromyalgia

Do you have someone close to you who doesn’t understand Fibro and the dedication and support you need to get better? I will walk him/her through what Fibro is really about and how he/she can help you Thrive!

The Road To Remission Fibromyalgia

The Road to Fibromyalgia Remission: Fibro and Fancy Free

3-Month Group Coaching Program. We will meet several times per week in a group atmosphere for 3 months to get you back where you belong, living and loving your life!