Fibromyalgia The Road To Remission
The Road to Fibromyalgia Remission: Fibro and Fancy Free

3-Month Group Coaching Program beginning 1/1/2021

We will meet several times per week in a group atmosphere for 3 months to get you back where you belong, living and loving your life! Included in your Road to Remission program:
Weekly Group Sessions
Reiki Kundalini Meditation Fibromyalgia

Mondays at 6 am EST

45-Minute Distance Kundalini Reiki/Meditation


 Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Distance healing is as effective as hands on healing.

12 Sessions Total

$876 VALUE

Stretching Pilates fibromyalgia

Tuesdays 6 am EST

45-Minute Stretching/Pilates Session

You will be taken you through a Stretching/Pilates workout for Fibromyalgia patients. Each session will be tailored to your personal Fibromyalgia needs.

12 Sessions Total

$876 VALUE

Expert Fibromyalgia Questions

Wednesdays at

 6 pm EST

Ask Me Anything

LIVE Q&A sessions where you can ask me anything about Fibro and get your questions answered in real time!

12 Sessions Total

$1164 VALUE

Show me your labels Fibromyalgia diet

1st & 3rd Thursdays at 6 pm EST

Show Me Your Labels Sessions


 I virtually raid your kitchen for Fibromyalgia flare faux pas and triggers.

6 Sessions Total

$582 VALUE

One-On-One Sessions
Take me Virtual Grocery Shopping Fibromyalgia

Take Me Virtual Grocery Shopping 

 I virtually escort you through the grocery store to help you choose items that are least likely to trigger Fibromyalgia.

2 Sessions per Month

$1182 VALUE

Ask an Expert about Fibromyalgia

Ask Me Anything

LIVE Q&A sessions where you can ask me anything about Fibro and get your questions answered in real time!

2 Sessions Per Month

$582 VALUE

Unsupportive Family Member Fibromyalgia

Unsupportive Family Member

Do you have someone close to you who doesn’t understand Fibro and the dedication and support you need to get better? I will walk him/her through what Fibro is really about and how he/she can help you Thrive!

1 Session per Month

$591 Value


• Private Facebook Group Access

• Fibro Food Intolerance Quick Start Guide

• Walk You Through the Process of an Elimination Diet

• Diet for Fibro

• E-Book w/Audio

• Printable Fibro Food Prep, Grocery and Food Sensitivity Tracker

• Printable Gratitude Journal

• All Recordings E-mailed to You (Lifetime Access)

• And More!

Grand Total Retail Value = $9,182

There are 2 payment options for this program:

Pay in full ONLY $1,491 (an 84% Discount!)

Split Payments of $895 (Billed today and again in 30 days).